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Plat for lots 307 and 308, new homes Dawsonville.

Survey Plats New Homes Dawsonville Oak Forest Subdivision

We are uploading more images of the survey plats for building lots here in Oak Forest.

Survey plat building lot 313 Oak Forest Dawsonville
Plat of Lots 308 and 309 at Oak Forest Dawsonville.
Lot 327 Plat

New Home Building Lots

The survey plats uploaded onto our website are the building lots available for new homes in Dawsonville in the Oak Forest subdivision. The plats have been filed with the Dawson County Clerks Office Superior Court.

Select a New Home Site

The survey plats will help you understand how the lot lays out on the land.

As you drive through Oak Forest Dawsonville look at the new home sites, you will notice signs near the road indicating the approximate location of each building lot.

Use the both the signs and the plat together in order to visualize the location of where your new custom built home will be situated on the lot.

New Home Building Consultation

Contact one of our Dawsonville REMAX sales agents for a free consultation about the various building lots available. Our agents are available to walk the lots with you and help give you some insights of how the house can be situated on the lot.

Our agents can suggest a few lots for the type of house you want built and the type of yard you will want for your new custom built home.

Once you have selected one or two of the best lots that are best for your new home, our new home REALTORS will schedule an appointment for you to meet up with the builder or his construction supervisor. They will walk the lot with you and give you more precise information about how the house can be situated on the lot.

Custom Built Homes Dawsonville

At Oak Forest Dawsonville, you will have the opportunity to have a custom home built exactly the way you want.

(This is not tract housing where every house is the same and all evenly laid out in cookie cutter fashion.)

Each building lot is unique in it’s shape and size and each new home is situated differently on each lot.

Oak Forest Dawsonville Real Estate Agents

Contact our REMAX Dawsonville real estate agents today to begin the conversation about having your new custom home built here at Oak Forest.

Sandra Watkins, REMAX Town & Country

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Sandra Watkins

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John Marion

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